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An up hill struggle

Good morning all,

Let me introduce myself, I am Heidi Portrey and I work one day a week for the probation service

supervising offenders whilst they carry out community payback (community service in old money!).


I happened to mention that I enjoyed gardening and had my own little veg plot at home to one of my bosses. 

The next thing is I have been given the responsibility of building the plot at LRA!. 


I am really excited about this (and a little nervous) as I can see so much potential.  I've looked at some of the other plots

and turned green with envy - these places are tidier than my living room! How do you do it?


I will be there each monday and possibly the odd other day as well.  Not ideal I know, but better than nothing I suppose.

I will usually have about 8 offenders with me.  Judging by what happened this week this is definately an uphill battle!


Not only is the plot in need of much TLC, some of the lads weren't sure what a garden fork was

( the only forks they have ever used are those they put in their mouths!), and when I said "can you get me a hoe"! (I'll

say no more).


So, please pop in and speak to us (we're the ones with illuminous jackets on - very hard to not notice us). 

We could do with some help, advice and any freebies!