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The Trading Hut

The Trading Hut is now open 10:00 - 12:00 each Saturday

Stocked items include:
Multi Purpose Compost, Organic Compost, Horse Manure Compost, Dark Peat, 6X, Chicken
Manure, Growmore, Fish Blood & Bone, Bonemeal, Super Phosphate, Garden Lime,
Potash, Vermiculite, Grow Organic, Sulphate of Ammonia, 8ft Canes, Slug Pellets,
Tomato Food, Round Up, Nitro Chalk, Nitrate of Soda, Lawn Food.

Please note: For security reasons no
goods are left in the Trading Hut.

A limited supply including
sundries and fertilisers are brought to the Trading Hut on trading day each Saturday Morning.

To ensure supply, please